Best place to invest in real estate in India 2022

Best place to invest in real estate in India 2022

India is a vast country in which you will get various options for investments. Here we will talk about investment in real estate. In which you will get good interest, good resale value and many other things. Real estate is a field which can change your lifestyle within years. In real estate, you can earn money through investment which is mostly in two modes first one is waiting for 5 to 10 years till the increase of the rate and the secondly is giving your property on rent. So for a good result, you must have patience. You don't know about the property rates, rates can boost according to the demands. If we see Jewar nowadays, the rate of plots and nearby societies are increasing day by day, click to buy plots in Jewar, the rate of plots was very low a few years ago but now after the proposal of Jewar Airport the rate of Jewar has touched the sky, the rates are double as according to the past rates. The villagers have become the most powerful from the monetary term. Apart from this real estate also gives loss, not only profit you will also get lost.

For being an escape from loss some of the points you should know before investing in real estate:- 

1. transport facilities
2. hospital facilities
3. proper infrastructure
4. healthy Environment
5. job opportunities
6. good connectivity
7. In building facilities
8. educational hubs
9. wide roads
10. avail of daily needs
11. 24*7 security surveillance

These were some basic needs before buying a property, If you are not up to date and purchased a home without analysing these points you will face problems. In India, there are some metro cities where you can get a good rate of return like Mumbai, Delhi, Noida, Greater Noida, Chennai, Bengaluru, Gurugram, Rohtak, Jaipur, Ajmer, Pune, Thane etc. We take the northern part of India here we have some of the best investment options like Delhi, Gurugram, Greater Noida, Noida, Mohali, Chandigarh, Jewar etc. In these areas, the rate of return is so high because here you will get all the necessary needs like a hospital, schools, universities, the best connectivity sources and many other important things. If you are looking to invest in real estate these points are very important. let's take the example of Noida so here you will get everything, Noida has the most IT companies, and Noida is the best job hub in Delhi NCR, people use to come to Delhi to do jobs from other states.

In this area, you will get the best connectivity to other cities through the metro and other transport modes. Not only this the rent of Noida is very low as compared to other cities. You will get a 2bhk flat for rent under 10000. Or 1bhk flat for rent under 7000. Everyone wants well-maintained societies which have all amenities and a healthy environment. Not only this here you can also invest in villas. In Noida, you will get villas at good prices. Go for a villa for sale in Noida. Noida and Greater Noida are the back of the Northern India part. These are the area where you will get every essential thing like good metro connectivity and jobs also, Noida is the most likable place for job seekers because in Noida you will get every field job whether you are more educated or less educated. And you will get a house here. You can easily live here for rent, the rent you have to give is under 10000 to 15000. And you can easily do up down from your home to the office. Not only this Nodia also provides you positive environment with a great greenery environment. If you will see the greater Noida it also has the same facility. Students are coming from other states to take admissions here. So, in the northern area, Noida has the crown of the real estate field. Same as Delhi, it also has the best services but people are moving out from there and they are shifting to the NCR region.

Some of the areas of Rajasthan are where you can invest like Jaipur, Ajmer, and Alwar these are growing cities of Rajasthan that will give a good rate of return in a few years. There are some residential projects where you can invest your money because they are located in very prime places, some of the projects are Samriddhi Dynasty, CRS Astitva, nirala hills, international city in the Jaipur side you will get luxurious projects. If you are going to purchase a 2bhk flat for 25 lakhs you can earn that through the rent. If We go a little bit on the east side of India there are some states like Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Tripura etc. The rate of interest return is very low, the reason behind it is undeveloped, due to heavy rainfall, high mountains, and lack of services people are not interested to buy property there.

On the western side, you will get more options for investing in some of the cities like Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Rajkot, Bhavnagar etc here you can invest because the rate in return is very good here. Just because of the good availability of things here you can choose these cities as your investment plan. If you are looking for a flat for rent you will get a flat for rent under 10000 here.
As we know that Vadodara metro work is going on so that will also increase the rate of the property. Due to good connectivity, people will buy property there, not only Vadodara is a good place for job seekers too.

Graphical Representation of Percentage of Projects

Now let's go towards the Southern part of India, this area has the most residential projects where you can invest and you will get a good return. The reason is that this area is well and modern developed there you don't have to face any problems either that problem is related to the job, food, transport, hospital, hotels and many more. Everyone knows about Mumbai the place that offers you everything just in one place. 

There are some of the top emerging places in Mumbai for investment:- 

1. Kanjur Marg West, Mumbai
2. Malad East, Mumbai
3. Bhayander East, Mumbai
4. Vikhroli West, Mumbai
5. Chandivali, Mumbai
6. Goregaon East, Mumbai
7. Kurla West, Mumbai

Mumbai is known as the money capital of India which has the most residential and commercial property and projects in India. In other words, we can say that Mumbai is known as the financial capital of India, apart from real estate there are also many other ways to earn money. Due to this, the rent in Mumbai is very high, as compared to other cities the high percentage is around 40%. If are looking for residential projects for investment just click here. Not only in apartments you can also go for residential plots. That will also give you the best rate of return. Apart from this if we talk about Chennai so here are someplace where you can invest for your bright future like Pallikaranai, Mannivakkam, Korattur etc.


These are the places where you will get a good return on your money in a few years. Don't waste your valuable time on other websites just visit propman for more there you will get details about other projects of different cities with different configurations. 

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