How to resale your property in India 2022

How to resale your property

In this blog, we will discuss the major issue that normal people face while reselling their properties. People do not find a good rate, they don't get good deals and there are many problems that a seller face before selling their property. Not only this here you will get some of the best agents from which you can sell your property without any problem. Looking for real estate agents just visit propman agent page.

So, here are some of the important things from which you call sell your property easily and at good rates:-

1. Search for good value for your property in Market

Before going to the agent, search for good value for the value of your property. This means that suppose you have 2bhk flat with 1500sq ft. do good research on online portals like propman.in, and do manual checks on other property which has configurations like your property. Go for alternative options. Do good research in the market that what will be the good price for your property. If you go for market research, you will get a rate for your property. Just do a good market survey and know the local rate and what the rate is going for the property you have the same. Just know the local trends and follow their policies.

2. Add specialization to your property

If a buyer comes into the market in the search of a property then he will see 100 properties for his satisfaction. In the market, there are many competitors who will appreciate their property, one will sell property in less amount compared to you, and some properties will have a good location, some properties will have the best interior and many more conditions will come. So, if you want to attract your customer to buy your property in one eye, then you have to add some of the specialisation in your property that will help to boost your property. Some of the key points you can add are nice location, good interior, good material used in the building etc. In a short way, just make your house attractive and positive. 

3. Market your property unlike anyone

After doing all the above steps the main step comes is that advertise your property very nicely and make a good reach through the online portal propman.in , post your property here and get verified leads. make an organic reach to the buyers and market your property to them by telling positive points to them. Good advertising will increases the selling percentage. Market your property on the online and offline forms, on online you can post your property on online portals, and in offline mode, you can tell your neighbors, relatives, and office colleagues about your property. These methods will help you to sell your property fast and at a good price.

4. Set a good price

Set a good and constant price for your property, don't fluctuate your amount. In the market you will see the seller use fluctuate the amount of the property according to the buyer, this gives a very bad impact on the market of the property. If there is very close to you or when this becomes personal then you can negotiate according to your budget. In a short way, the conclusion comes to an end that makes healthy and necessary adjustments according to your need. Not only this your price must not too high, the price should be the running price in the market. That will help both of us to confirm the deal at a positive amount. The uneven price hike will affect the deal and reputation of your property.

5. Assign a good Advocate 

After all the main agenda comes that is of legal papers, there are many frauds going on nowadays like agents selling the property in an illegal way, they do not complete the papers and sell the property, from which buyer and seller both have to face problems in future. So, if you don't want any type of future problem just find a good advocate who has proper knowledge of the paper and that advocate will be registered by the Indian government.

Some of the important papers must be in your hands while reselling your property:-

  • No Dues Certificate from society and bank
  • Title Report
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the bank
  • Completion/Occupancy Certificate
  • Encumbrance Certificate (EC)
  • Utility Bills
  • Title Deed
  • Sale Deed
  • Tax receipts
  • Building Approval Certificate
  • Possession Certificate
  • Share Certificate from society
So, before buying or selling any property you must have these papers in your hand. This is a legal way to buy any property. Don't come into the trap of fraud. If any of these paper is not in the file just ping your assigned advocate he will arrange it.

Looking for the best advocate for property deals just call +91 9999993234, and drop your inquiry here. 

These were the basic points that will play a vital role in selling your property. Apart from this, there are some other points that will help you to sell your property these points come in the case of exceptional which will also to sell your property.

A)  Hire an Agent:-

If you are not capable to find any buyer, don't be more panic about this just find a local dealer or agent that will help you for selling for the property. Before hiring an agent just check his past, what is his record, how many positive deals he had made and all. The main thing to check about an agent is its working profile and goodwill in the market. Before giving your property details to an agent just have a deal with them, in other words we can say that just have a deal with the agent. If you are looking for the best agents just visit an online portal like the propman agent portal there you will get 100 of the best agents for your locality, and they will help you for selling your property on your terms and conditions. 

B) Decrease price:- 

At some points, it happens that your property does not get sold due to some of the factors like the price of the property is low, bad locality, some limitations in building or in society, these are the some of the factors in which you have to sell your property at a low rate. For example, according to the market rate, your property rate should be 25lakhs for 2bhk 1200sq. ft. but due to bad locality, your property will not be sold for that amount, it will be sold in around 20 to 22 lakhs. So, in this condition, you have to sell your property at a low rate. In this case, you have to fluctuate your property price very much, you have changed your property price according to the customer. 

C) Put no pets tag on property:-

This will be one of the best reasons to boost your property if your property is not selling then this will be one of the reasons from the list. If we see from the eyes of the buyers the points come that the walls will be scratched, untidy rooms, etc,. This type of thing gives a bad impact on your property that is not a good sign for you. 

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