Why to buy plots in Jewar 2022 ?

Why buy plots in Jewar?

Before preceding let us take a short brief about Jewar. Jewar is located at the perimeter of Uttar Pradesh and Haryana in other words we can say that Jewar is located in the outer part of Greater Noida. Pin code of Jewar 203135. Jewar is just adjacent to the Yamuna expressway which is 6 lane expressway that connects Greater Noida to Agra. Not only is this, but from Jewar you can easily reach Gautam Buddha University which is just 33km, and from Greater Noida Jewar just 40kms. So, Jewar is located at the very prime place of Uttar Pradesh from where you can connect to other parts of the state. The developer of Jewar Airport is Zurich Airport International AG. In the west of Jewar, you will see a Maharishi temple which is just 1 km from Jewar. You can also buy flats.

If you are looking to invest in the Jewar plot then you are thinking very well. The ROI of Jewar plots are increasing by 15% per annum. The reason behind it is the Upcoming Noida International Airport which is friendly named Jewar Airport which is Tata’s project. Jewar Airport is built over 1,334 hectares of land area. The first phase of Jewar Airport will be over on 24 September 2024. Jewar Airport is built on the design of Zurich Airport International AG which is located in Switzerland. Investors are interested in buying plots in Jewar just because of this because the rate of plots is increasing day by day. Not only this if buy a plot in Jewar it gives more expense and Jewar is also located at a very prime place of the Gautam Buddha Nagar from where you can easily connect to the other important place of the city. If we talk about construction status so Jewar Airport is built on 4 phases, its 1st phase will be over by the 24th of September 2024. Jewar Airport is the Greenfield project.

Jewar Airport is such a boom project that will enhance the lifestyle of Jewar and as well as nearby cities like Greater Noida and Noida. From Jewar Airport the transportation will increase, due to the good connectivity the transportation problem will also be over. Because of the Airport, there will be many shops and hotels will be built, if you have a plot where you can sell it at a high price or you can also open your hotel, restaurants, and other utilities. So, there are many options like this is totally up to you how you take profit from your plot. Jewar Airport will be the game changer action for the Greater Noida, YEIDA city and Noida areas. Due to the increase in utilities in Jewar, the demand for manpower will also increase, so at some, point unemployment will also be over.

Plot for sale in Jewar Airport

Plot for sale in Yamuna Expressway

Apart from this, you buy a plot in Jewar that is also named a plot on Yamuna Expressway. Plots at Jewar also come in the category of plots in a YEIDA city. Jewar is located adjacent to the Yamuna Expressway so Jewar comes in in the location of YEIDA city. After a few years, you don’t have to run from Delhi to Airport. In Jewar you will get multiple types of plots from which you can invest. Real-estate expertise Pankaj Bhardwaj Owner of Propman has said in an interview, that it is a golden opportunity for the investors, if you are investing today, after 5 years you will get 120% of ROI as the ROI is increasing 15 to 20% per annum. So Jewar is a good option for investors. He also gave assurance that Jewar will become the prime city of Uttar Pradesh in a few years.

Pankaj Bhardwaj with Aajtak Shweta Singh

In Jewar you will get plots in various configurations like 3229sqft, 1800sqft, 2700sqft, 900sqft and many more. So you have various options to invest your money here. After the first phase over Jewar Airport will start, take-offs will start. The rate of plots in Jewar is increasing day by day. As compared to Delhi Jewar is cheaper with proper planning of things. Jewar is a good option for all investors; they can expect at least a 15% of increment per month because the rates of plots are increasing so fast. So, don’t waste time just do an investment, and buy a plot. Buy plots at Jewar.

Some of the key features of why to buy a plot in Jewar is that:-

Upcoming Jewar airport:- The main reason to buy a plot in Jewar is the upcoming Noida International Airport which is friendly and known as Jewar Airport. The airport will bring employment and hike the price of plots. The percentage of unemployment will decrease. Not only is this, but there are many profits we can say that new things will develop new companies will also establish there, International hotels will be built, and many more. This will boost the economical level of India as well as the investors also.


2.   Adjacent to Major cities:- From Jewar you are just a few minutes away from Greater Noida and Noida, as you know these two cities are the most trending in the Delhi NCR region. People are shifting from Delhi to Noida and Greater Noida just because of the greenery and open space with wide roads. So, if you have a property in Greater Noida or Noida then you also take a benefit of Jewar and the same for the Jewar.

 If you are looking for best opportunity near jewar you can plan plots near jewar airport

3.  Connected to Expressways/Highways:- Jewar is located in a very prime place from Jewar you can connect to cities and other states easily and very conveniently. Because Jewar is located very adjacent to Yamuna Expressway, which is 6 lane National Highway that connects to Agra and many other cities. Not only this from Jewar you can easily connect to Delhi through Greater Noida Highway and Delhi-Noida Highway. Through Yamuna Expressway you can easily connect to Bharatpur (Rajasthan) and many other cities. You can easily connect to Haryana also because Jewar is located at the perimeter of Uttar Pradesh and Haryana.


After reading this the conclusion comes that buying plots in Jewar is a very good option for the investors as well as for buyers who are purchasing for personal use. It will give good profit after a few years. If you are buying it for personal use then it is close to other major cities in the state.

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