Real Estate market trend in Delhi NCR 2022

Real Estate market trend in Delhi NCR 2022

Delhi NCR is one of the most trending places in India. People use to come from other states to start their job careers in Delhi NCR. The population of Delhi is increased by 2.94% from last year. By this the demand for rental, home buyers is increased to 55% as compared to last 2 years. In Delhi, you will mostly see builder floors with basement parking. If we talk about the NCR (National Capital Region) real estate factor so people are shifting towards NCR due to good infrastructure and open space. 

A few years back Delhi was the central hub for everything. In the era of 2018, and 2019 .... Delhi was the place where you were getting all the luxurious lifestyle, so people were more interested to buy homes in Delhi. After this pandemic people are shifting to NCR which is a well-planned area. Delhi is a very messy area, people are facing problems related to parking, water and many other things. So, those people are shifting to Greater Noida and Noida. Job hub Gurugram is so expensive that there you will mostly see rentals and PGs going on. If we talk about 2019, the rent of 2bhk flat in Gurgaon in 2019 was 10000/- and now will get the same flat at 22000/-. Why this much price hike, the reason behind it is its environment. You will get everything here. If you are on rent near a cyber city, then you are close to the metro, job hub and other benefits. So, the real estate market rate is increased there. The real estate market is increased by 40% there. 


So, people shifted towards Gurugram from Delhi so rents and buyers' money flow have been transferred to Gurugram. looking to buy property in Gurugram then just visit propman. So, now it's time to talk about Noida and the Greater Noida real estate market. Due to the low price of the property the real estate market is increasing simultaneously. Many MNCs are opened here from which the rental percentage is increased here. After this pandemic, thinking of people has changed, people started searching the open areas, and green environments and want to live in an open area. So, these were the main reasons why people started shifting to Noida. In Noida you will get 2bhk flat for rent under 8000, so as compared to other cities the rent is low. This was also the main reason behind the increasing real estate market in 2022. Noida has made a good name in the real estate market. Noida is the city which no one used to ask, today everyone is asking.

Greater Noida and Noida is the most likeable zone for homebuyers the main reason to increase the real estate market is the well-planned city. If we talk about the past Greater Noida was the worst place for the Delhi people, nowadays those people are running towards Greater Noida just because of its greenery and open space. The real estate market in 2016 in Greater Noida was very bad, no one was interested in buying property in Greater Noida, and the market was going down. After the pandemic, the thinking of people changed now they were looking for good space houses. So in the years, 2021-2022, the real estate market increased by 60%. 

Not only buyers and investors are also interested in Greater Noida property. Apart from residential Greater Noida had also made its name in the commercial field. Some of the top international builders like Supertech, ATS, and Bhutani they had started making projects here. From this, the real estate field has the best source of earnings for the unemployed person. These are all the factors that made Greater Noida rich in the field of real estate.

The average cost of property in Noida and Greater Noida is low, but here sales become so much that they cover at a very good profit. If we talk about the Real Estate market trend in Delhi NCR 2022 then the most trendings are Noida and the Greater Noida cities. 


At the end of the context, the conclusions come that Greater Noida and Noida have made a change in the real estate market. The well planned strategy has made a big change in the growth graph of real estate. looking for a dream house in Greater Noida and Noida just give a missed call at +91 9999993234.

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