World Soil day 2022

 World Soil Day

Every year on December 05, World Soil Day is made by agriculture and food organizations, its purpose is to prevent soil erosion due to increasing population and to make aware of fertile soil.

We all of you know that life is not possible without water, similarly, the soil is also very important, if we talk about our country, then more than half of India's population depends on agriculture, but nowadays there are too many chemicals. Due to the application of fertilizers in the fields, soil quality is decreasing.
Because of this, it is very harmful to the development of crops, animals, trees, plants, etc. About 45 years ago, the movement to save the soil was also started.

In 2002, IUSS recommended making World Soil Day and in 2013 it was announced to celebrate World Soil Day.
If you are thinking that why World Soil Day is celebrated on 5th December only, if we talk according to the sources then the Maharaja of Thailand is late. HM Bhumibol Adulyadej had done a lot of work in his life for fertile soil, due to which World Soil Day is celebrated on his birthday.

Soil is very important in our life because it is also the primary source of many types of resources, we all should take care of soil conservation.

The theme of World Soil Day in 2022 is Soil, where food begins, along with it, there are minerals and organic components in the soil, which provide food to humans and animals, if their quality is not taken care of, then it proves to be a threat to the whole world. Can

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