Smart Home Automation

Smart Home Automation

Nowadays a new trend is going on. Modernization of the home is in the advanced step. New technologies have taken a place in the replacement of old switches and appliances. In easy words, we can say converting your normal home to a smart home is known as Smart home automation. in which you add smart devices to your home. You can access those devices through your cell phone or with your voice.


In this blog, we will discuss the different points related to Smart Home Automation. What is Smart Home Automation, how it works and what are the different key features of the benefits and losses of Smart Home Automation?

Everyone is changing their home to smart homes. Since AI launched in India everything is controlled by a single device. You can control each appliance through your mobile. This is making people smart but from some part of this people are becoming lazy day by day. let us know about Smart Home Automation in brief.

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What is Smart Home Automation?

This is a modern feature in which you can control your home from your mobile. In this, your home will be laced with some of the AI(Artificial intelligence) tools that will help you to work smartly. These computerised chips will be added to your old switches. After installing the chips your old will be converted to modern switches. now you can run the switches through your cell phone. For this setup, you must have WIFI connectivity throughout your home and you must have Bluetooth accessibility throughout the home.

These appliances are a sensor that is laced within your home appliances. These are on the top rated in the energy saving factor. Smart homes are making things so easy that you can access any equipment in your home with one touch. you don't have to come out from your blanket to switch off the room lights. This automation has made life so easy.

People mostly use smart home devices to make some of the important areas of the room like kitchen appliances, control lights and security systems. The most demanding home automation appliance is Amazon Echo. from which you can access the devices through the Amazon Alexa app. Not only this you can also control it with your voice.

Some examples of Smart Home Automation are Google Home Hub, Amazon Echo Show and Box, Amazon Alexa, Google Nest Mini and many more these appliances are the most useful products for making your normal home into an advanced home.

Smart home includes the central control method in which you can control the heater, AC, TV, and switches by touch or through your voice. We can say that you are communicating to your home devices with wireless communication.

These devices consist of sensors. These sensors are very advanced, they sense light, motion, temperature and other sensing elements motions, habits and the way you do things. After analyzing all your activities they set commands and reply to you in your behavior.

the main question arises that which technology you gonna choose for making your home smart. In the market, you will get to see different home automation technology, but your home is your heart. So the technology for home automation is Bluetooth, Radiofrequency, ZigBee, Z-Wave and many more.

What was the first smart home device? :- 1966 – 1967 - ECHO IV and the Kitchen Computer.

The conversion had many good benefits from which you can make your lifestyle smart such as time-saving, more security, money saving, more efficiency, making life easier, enhance your lifestyle. Some examples of home automation are Hands-Free Search Engine Autos (UPDATE) The Google Driverless Car is Finally Coming into Fruition, Automated School Buses, Appliance-Controlling Adapters, Garage Opener Apps, Automated Personal Beacons, Robotic Gas Pumps, Automated Texting Apps, Electronically Automated Doggy Doors. Smart home automation is also known as Smart home technology.

The right hand of smart automation is IoT. IoT stands for The Internet of Things one can easily get to know about the IoT. In easy words, we can say that the physical objects are laced with software, processing ability, sensor, and other technologies that help to connect to your device.

Types of Smart Home Automation?

Basically, in many homes, you will get to see wireless Smart Home Automation. Which runs through the same WIFI connectivity's. But if we talk about the types of Smart home automation you will get to see three types of smart home automation these are Power line Based Home Automation, Wired or BUS Cable Home Automation and Wireless Home Automation.

So now it's time to read about the benefits of smart home automation. With the help of smart connectivity and modernization, you can access all the devices from one place. This is one of the best convenience factors.

Setting up all the appliances with a single device makes for formal home management. Not only this if someone doesn't know how to use a smart device or phone, that person can also learn it. The most beneficiary part of Smart Home Automation is that this is the best tool for disabled people. It becomes very hard to switch off the lights so, this feature is best for the disabled person.

Real-time capture, through Smart Home Automation you can capture real-time gestures. The best example of this is if your home is laced with smart security cameras, at you are out for a family function. When someone comes to top your home and starts doing suspicious activities the smart security camera will click real-time pic instantly.

Not only if you are out if you are not active it will help you. Apart from this feature security will also have a security alarm system that will sound when any suspicious activity happens. And you will get each alert message on your connected smartphone. Not only this you will be notified if any activity happens in your home. You can access the devices from the device too. With help of smart automation, you can also do video analysis easily.

This Smart Home Automation is a beneficiary for advanced home security. A smart security device can detect unknown people, click pics, capture instant video, and instant security alarm on your device.

Smart Home Automation will enhance your work style and lifestyle. Accessing all homes with a phone will make you feel like the boss of the home. As we have discussed formal home management, will also help to increase the way of controlling the home.

Decrease dependency, if your home is smart so you don't have to depend on others to do your stuff. The best example of this is when you go out for vacation we use to see that if someone goes out for an outing the homeowner has to say to neighbors to please take care of my home. If your home is laced with modern technology then you don't have to depend on the other to take care of your home. Your device must be connected to your home WIFI. Through Smart Home Automation you can save energy. For example, your lights will automatically switch off, the fan will automatically regulate and more things that will save a good percentage of energy.

Now let's discuss the limitations of Smart Home Automation, So the main point is that it is very costly. The setup of Smart Home Automation will cost a high amount. For converting your normal home to a smart home you must have a good budget. If you have a normal budget you can not go for smart home automation. 

For Smart Home Automation at the first point, your house must be laced with WIFI connectivity. Because without the internet you cannot access a single smart device. So WIFI is mandatory for the smart home. So the WIFI setup for multiple devices costs high.

As we have discussed that for Smart Home Automation you must have a good and stable WIFI connection. If we talk about the real facts we never get a stable WIFI network. So due to unstable WIFI connectivity, your smart device may lack. the funniest and most serious problem with these smart devices is you can lock yourself.

If you are not aware of the smart device features you will get stuck in your own home. Not only this by not using a single device properly, but it can also make all devices effective with one wrong step. In easy words, we can say that these smart devices will create problems for those who are not aware of these types of devices.

Apart from these, the most trending limitation is that spammers can hack your home security and can do theft. This is known as hacking theft. So in some scenarios smart home is not good. Some people got suspicious messages in their homes related to security concerns. People don't aware of that, where they are getting those messages. 

This message has come from that company whose company's product you have installed in your house. With smart devices, you can face problems related to privacy concerns. 

Your data can be copied like your voices, photos, personal data and more important data. So, that your personal information can be used in different places. Many people faced the problem of data theft, but people don't aware of this type of theft.

For making your home smarter you must have a modern home design. You can convert your old design home to a smart home if the module of your home is old. Simply, we can say that this does not apply to old homes.

Costing for Smart Home Automation

If you want to convert your normal home to a smart home you must have the budget of around 30000-45000INR.

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