Best 2 bhk House Plan

Best 2BHK House Plan

After the budget 2022-2023, it is become easy to buy a 2BHK home in India, the most demanding house category is 2BHK. We are not devoting 3BHK and another category. just because mostly India's population is in the middle class they can afford 2BHK, so the demand for 2BHK is more other than the other property. Here you will also get to know the full form of BHK

So, here we will read about some of the important factors and different floor plans of 2BHK apartments. 

The minimum floor plan measurement of the 2BHK is 600sqft, this is the minimum 2BHK floor plan, if you are looking for the minimum 2BHk floor plan then 600sqft is the best. 

A 2BHK apartment is designed on the basis of some the factors like Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen, Hall, Laundry Room, Living Room and etc. If you have a family of 4 people the 2BHK is sufficient for you, 2BHK is a potential living area for the people. Most people search for the best living area size of the house, so the best living area of living area is around 1,800 – 2,100 square feet. 

For a family of 4, the ideal size is 2,400 – 2,800 square feet. The arrangements of 2BHK will be like 1 will be a master bedroom with a big area, the second room will be a smaller room, a kitchen and a washroom. Nowadays the new era of 2.5BHK has come in which you will get 1 master bedroom, 1 normal room, 1 smaller room that you can use for store room, study room or something else, 1 kitchen, 1or 2 washroom and hall. Due to the heavy demand for 2BHK flats then you can also invest in 2BHK flats.

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2BHK come in the category of the best affordable house in any area. Less cost, less maintenance cost, less EMI. These are the factors that attract home seekers. Not only this the resale value of a 2BHK apartment is very good. 

If you are looking to sell your 2BHK apartment then you can easily sell that apartment. If we summarise the facts the 2BHK is good for all the factors either you are looking to sell your home, either you are looking to invest and you want to buy. 

Now let's read more about 2BHK flats in different configurations:- 

20 by 20 or 20X20 2BHK floor plan

This plan means that 20X20 stands for the 400sqft of the total carpet area. In which you will get a little bit of space in the back of the house. Not only this you can easily park your car in 13X8, and including bike parking, you can take enjoyment of garden area also. You can plant your favourite plants there. 

In this configuration, you will get A 20' x 20' 400 sq ft 2 Bedroom 3/4 Bath that has it all, 20x20 a tiny House 1-bedroom 1-bath 400 Sq Ft. This configure is best for the small family. This area is suitable for 2 or 3 members.


20 by 30 or 20X30 2BHK floor plan

This is the configure are looking to buy a 2BHK home then this configures suits you. In which you will get sufficient space for your car, apart from this the outer is increased, at the front, you will[ get enough space for the decoration. 

In the house, you can different types of accessories like a king size big bed, more decorative that will enhance the look of your house. In this configuration, 5 members can easily live without any problem. From the utility side, you will get a good size washroom and a good L-shaped modern kitchen too. The demand for this floor plan is rising day by day.


30 by 40 or 30X40 2BHK floor plan

This floor plan comes with more space compared to another floor plan. This is also the most demanding floor plan. This is 1200sqft. 

In this, you will get some of the features like:- 

Bed Room:13′ 0″ X 10′ 0″

Bed Room: 11′ 0″ X 10′ 0″

Kitchen with Dining Room:10′ 9″ X 11′ 9″

Drawing Room:12′ 4″ x 12′ 5″

Bath Room :7′ 0″ X 4′ 0″

Not only this you can easily park your car and a 2 wheeler 

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After going through this blog, now you are aware of different configure about the 2bhk flats and their floor plan. We hope this blog will be good for you, if you want to discuss anything or want to say just drop a message in the following form. In this blog we have discussed about different types of 2bhk floor plans and their pictures. If you are looking for the 2bhk floor plan you can opt for any floor from the above. We have tried to add full information about the 2bhk floor plan.

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