Secret tips to check the construction quality of a house 2022.

Secret tips to check the construction quality of a house in 2022 

Before buying a home everyone uses to check the environment, neighbours, amenities, facilities, and nearby markets but people use to forget to check the construction quality of a house. Apart from these all factors this topic also plays a very important role in buying a property. So here we will discuss how to check the construction quality of the house effectively and in a short time. In a few years of making a home, some people start getting problems related to Termite on wooden things, bad construction leads to start peeling off walls, water leakage and many such types of problems. So, here are the solutions to these problems.

Check the soil quality 

Just check the soil quality so that it is capable to hold the load of the house. In the different areas, you will get different types of soil. Soil is the most factor in building the house because it will the base of the building. The best quality of the soil is Loam which will keep your building standing for a long time. The type of soil varies from one place to other so don't think that if your area soil is good then other area soil will be good. In a short way, we can say that soil is the strength of the building. Soil like black clay and fabric is not recommended as good because it has low strength and high cracking and erosion risks. If we talk bout good soil quality then Sandy loam, loamy clay, and saline clay are the soil that is good for building construction.

Check the structure of a house 

Before the building, a house owner should take suggestion from the engineers that your house is built in a such way that they are disastrous free. This is a very important factor before building a home. Because your house should have a good capacity to face natural disasters. The walls and ceiling of the room must be so powerful that the stability will be for a long time. The structure will be reliable in that it can handle the building for a long period of time. There should be good positioning of the walls, roof, beams, and columns. The good size of the wall is 12 inches for 70 feet-high walls. If the base will be strong the house will stand longer.

Inspect the walls carefully

After all these checks, one should check the walls carefully. There must be three-four coating of the chemicals that will maintain the walls for a long time. Just check the Materials used for wall construction including bricks, blocks, stones, concrete, timber, mud, grass, aluminium, steel and more things. In short, way just check the wall thickness. More coating will keep your wall longer. If you want to check the thickness of the wall you can hit the wall with sharp things like a key, knife and other things. In another way just make a hole on the wall that will be helpful to check the quality of the wall. The general manager should be 12 inches for 70 feet high walls. 4 inches should be added for each additional 70 feet height.

Check the fixings properly

At the time of construction, you should check all the fixing and fixtures properly. just check the pipe connections and the things that are fixed like in the bathroom just check all the taps, shower, and all the leakages, In the kitchen just check the chimney fitting, washbasin, drainage pipes taps and RO fitting. There are so many other things that one should check. If the plumbing will not be good then the water leakage problem will come. Bad wiring will cause electric shock. The joints must be properly lubricated so that they do not catch the rusting problem. 

Check the concrete mixture carefully

The most important thing comes, in the end, is that one should check the concrete mixture by which your house will get the stability power. The safest side for any concrete mixture is 4:2:1, four parts crushed rock; two parts of sand; and one part of cement. The four-two-one mix, obviously, has seven parts. Conveniently, when mixing the concrete, the ratio can be mixed on any range of scales. Just don't take it easy, because it will be the most important part that will fill in the portions of your building rods and other important places. The builder will ask you which product you will use for making the concrete.


We think that this blog was very informative for you. If you will follow these steps your home will build very well. These steps/guides will help you when it comes to building a home. Looking for the best mason in Greater Noida just give a missed call on +91 9999993234.

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