Latest news in India is that Twin Tower Noida fell.

The latest news in India is that Twin Tower Noida fell.

Twin Tower Noida fell in 9 seconds

Today i.e. on Sunday was demolished by a remote control explosion After a long-running law dispute over Twin Tower, the 30-storey building Twin Tower has been demolished by 3700 kg of gunpowder on Sunday, August 28.

The latest news in India is that Twin Tower Noida fell.

Why Noida twin tower is being demolished?

500 crores were spent

According to sources, Rs 500 crore was spent on Twin Tower Noida including construction and interest and on August 28, gunpowder destroyed such a huge Supertech building Twin Tower which was in Noida, was dropped by gunpowder.

Due to the collapse of this building, there was a lot of dust in the surrounding area, although adequate safety arrangements were made.

But the people who were very close to the residents also had a lot of rates because this is the first time in India that such a big building has been demolished with gunpowder.

Why was TWIN TOWER dropped?

When twin tower Noida demolished?

 Last year in August 2021, the Supreme Court ordered the demolition of the structures as their construction violated the minimum distance requirement. According to the Supreme Court, the buildings were illegally constructed without the consent of the individual flat owners as required under the UP Apartments Act.

After a long legal dispute, the twin tower was mixed with 3700 kg of gunpowder on Sunday 28 August 2022.

What time will Supertech towers demolish? 2:30 pm on Sunday

What are people's opinions on TWIN TOWER?

The breakdown of the Twin Towers is a sign of victory for the people here. They have been demanding this for a long time. RWA and we were also part of the petition," Manish Kumar, SR VP, Nephova. The big question is whether the demolition of these twin towers will prevent builders from illegal constructions in the future and will there be more accountability or will it just be a strange phenomenon excited by the crowd? The public and media frenzy over these ravages and how it became the biggest spectator sport in the country is a wonderful story in itself. Now that it's done and dusted off, people can focus on the India-Pakistan cricket match, I guess

The disputed structures of the Supertech Twin Towers were taller than the Qutub Minar. Qutub Minar was built by demolishing Hindu and Jain temples. The Noida Supertech twin towers went missing in a planned demolition today, nine years after residents alleged violation of norms in court. 3,700 kg of explosives were used to destroy them and nearby residents were evacuated in anticipation of the explosion.

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Reasons why Twin Tower Noida fell.

This order was passed by the supreme court that Twin Tower Noida fell, they said that this activity will be done under the vigilance of the Noida Authority. Not only did this supreme court also give the order that the building will be demolished at their own expense. they took more space so the supreme court gave an order to demolish it. The order was given 3 months ago but it took 3 months to demolish just because of the technical issues. Twin Tower demolition in Noida is pure harakiri. Rather than demolishing a building worth 7000 Cr. They could have been converted into a Quarantine Centre, Hospital, Government quarters or anything else. Total nonsense to just punish the builders. Lack of foresight!

twin tower noida demolition date and time

The 40- floor towers, Apex and Ceyanne, are set to be fell at 2:30 pm on Sunday after residents of the society fought for their rights for nine years.

Who is the owner of Twin Tower?

World Trade Center is the owner of twin tower noida

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Name of towers of twin tower Noida Supertech's twin towers Apex and Ceyane.

Explosives used in twin towers Noida :- 3,700+ kgs of explosives were used.

Which company demolished twin tower Noida? :- Realty firm Supertech


q- Which company demolished twin tower Noida? 

a- Realty firm Supertech

q-  Why did Noida twin tower demolished? 

a- illegal construction

q-  How many floors are in twin towers Noida? 

a- 40 floors

q-  What is the case of twin Towers Noida? 

a- illegal construction

q-  Who is the owner of Supertech? 

a- Mr. R. K. Arora

q-  Who is the owner of Twin Tower? 

a- World Trade Center

q- Why is Twin Tower illegal? Why Noida twin towers are illegal? 

a- illegal construction

q-  Were there residents in twin towers Noida? 

a- 15 residential towers, each had 44 apartments and total approx2,500 residents and 1000 vehicles.

q-  Which builder made twin towers Noida?

a- Supertech

q-  What is wrong in Twin Tower Noida?

a- "waterfall technique"

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